Dear Virtual C19: Dissent conference attendees,

We are five weeks away from the first weekend of the conference. The virtual conference will be held Oct 16-18 and Oct 23-25. We look very much forward to being in conversation!
This message provides guidelines for those panels that have elected to pre-circulate conference materials and then convene during Virtual C19 for general discussion.
As you will recall, some of the conference panels will take place synchronously or live, meaning that panelist presentations will be made on Ex Ordo’s live platform, and attendees will be able to participate in discussion afterward. These sessions are 75 minutes long. Guidelines for logging on to the conference and joining live panels as presenters and attendees will be available in the coming weeks; we trust you will find the platform to be easy to navigate come conference time.
A number of conference panels will partly asynchronous, as presenters will pre-circulate their materials (in video, Powerpoint, image, document, or PDF format, all through a secure, non-downloadable page). The live component of these panels will consist of discussion only; attendees will be expected to have reviewed the materials in advance through the Ex Ordo virtual platform. These sessions are 45 minutes long.
Below you will find instructions for participants in asynchronous sessions, who will be asked to upload their presentation materials, in whatever form, by September 28. Ensuring that materials are available by the end of September enables conference attendees to read and view all materials in advance of the conference. We have scheduled most of the asynchronous panels for the second weekend to give everyone more time, but there are some first-weekend asynchronous panels as well.
Please note that the Digital Conference Fellows will be available in virtual office hours to assist any C19 participants who have questions about the process. We will introduce the Digital Conference Fellows and their availability soon; they are currently learning the conference platform’s technical components to be of help.
If you are participating in an asynchronous panel, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to the My Presentations page on the Ex Ordo website: https://c19conference2020.exordo.com/presentations/mine
2. Click on your presentation. Then select Edit. You will be directed to complete the workflow: on the left, under your presentation title, you will see a list of possible formats to submit: Video Files, Powerpoint Files, Image Files, Documents, or PDFs. Upload whichever is appropriate for your presentation, and select “Done” to save the file(s).
If you plan to make a video presentation, you might consult Ex Ordo’s useful guide to creating videos:https://support.exordo.com/category/903-pre-recorded-videos.
Please direct immediate questions to me (hester.blum@psu.edu) or to Meredith McGill (mlmcgill@english.rutgers.edu), and we will write again soon with broader conference information and an introduction to the Digital Conference Fellows.
Virtual Site Coordinator


The Virtual Program Committee: Dana Luciano, Christy Pottroff, Sam Sommers, Claudia Stokes, Ed Whitley, and Gretchen Woertendyke

Advised by: Hester Blum, Virtual Site Coordinator and Jennifer James, Program Committee Chair for the Miami conference


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