Dear Virtual C19: Dissent conference attendees,

Below you will find a quick checklist of what to do to get prepared to attend and present at our conference. For added guidance in navigating the 2020 Virtual Conference Ex Ordo site, check out this comprehensive tutorial video prepared by Hester Blum.

1.Register for the conference: https://event.c19conference2020.exordo.com/

2. Download Cisco Webex (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!): https://exordo.webex.com/ec3300/eventcenter/support/eventManager.do?siteurl=exordo 

3. If you need technical support, visit https://support.exordo.com/article/942-technical-specifications-for-joining-a-live-stage. Please direct immediate questions to hester.blum@psu.edu or to Meredith McGill (mlmcgill@english.rutgers.edu).


For more information about C19: the Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists visit our website.