Business Meeting


C19 2018 Business Meeting Agenda

  1. President’s welcome and report (Hester Blum)
  2. Executive Committee reports:
    Program (Carrie Tirado Bramen)
    Site Coordinator (Jesse Alemán)
    Membership (Jeffrey Insko)
    Communications (Claudia Stokes)
    Podcast subcommittee (Christine “Xine” Yao)
    Members-at-Large (Patricia Crain and Barbara McCaskill)
    Vice President (Meredith McGill)
    Nominations (Tess Chakkalakal)
  3. J19 report from editors Elizabeth Duquette and Stacey Margolis
  4. C19 Travel Fund report from coordinator Dana Luciano
  5. The future of C19 Advisory Board
  6. Member discussion of the role of the C19 Listserv
  7. New business