Since the Society’s founding in 2009, we have hosted five successful conferences: at Penn State (May 2010 and March 2016), at UC Berkeley (April 2012), at UNC Chapel Hill (March 2014), and in Albuquerque, NM (March 2018).

The C19 listserv continues to grow, serving as a lively forum for scholarly exchange.  We initiated the C19 Circuit, short regional events and workshops — in the spirit of the nineteenth-century lyceum circuit — focused on bringing together students, teachers, and scholars to discuss topics related to nineteenth-century America. C19 Cluster Groups enable those with special interests to develop institutional and intellectual connections. The community of C19 members has been the driving force behind the organization’s development.

In 2013, C19 launched its official journal, J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, co-edited by Chris Castiglia and Dana Nelson (2012-2017) and published twice annually by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The new J19 editors are Elizabeth Duquette and Stacey Margolis. J19 welcomes interdisciplinary work representing the most innovative research on and analysis of the “long nineteenth century” (1789-1914). The journal includes features such as “state of the field” polemics, reproductions of new and significant archival materials, roundtables, and special issues on topics of general interest to nineteenth-century Americanists.

To support J19 and the organization as a whole, we ask now that you join or renew your membership in C19. As a member, you will:

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  • Receive information about upcoming  conferences and other Society events
  • Help to strengthen and shape C19 as a vibrant, interdisciplinary, diverse organization representing many approaches to nineteenth-century scholarship

Membership in C19 is administered by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Presently Membership is organized by calendar year. Beginning with 2016/17 C19 has moved to a two-year membership cycle to correspond to our conference cycle. The new two-year rates will represent a savings for all members over the old membership model.


Membership 2019/20:

Full-time tenured faculty: $70
Full-time, pre-tenure faculty: $60
Students/part-time and contingent faculty/postdoctoral fellows/independent scholars/emeriti: $35

Institution: $85 per year

Please note that while it is possible to subscribe only to the journal and not join C19, we hope that you will support the organization as a whole. For more information about membership and subscription rates, and to join or renew, please click the link below:

University of Pennsylvania Press: C19 Membership

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